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Thursday, November 12, 2009

BooBoo's love/hate relationship with Chuck E. Cheese

My 3 1/2 year old, BooBoo has a love/hate relationship with Chuck E. Cheese. She loves the atmosphere, the games, the prizes, and the tokens. Everything a normal child loves about the establishment. She hates the ginormous mouse costume and the person in said ginormous mouse costume. Take for example BooBoo and Bug's cousin's birthday party...

My nephew turned 2 on Nov. 5th and my SIL and BIL thought that it would be a brilliant idea to have his birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. The only problem with this is that BooBoo is completely petrified of people in costumes. So there is a point during the birthday celebration where check E. comes out to sing the Happy Birthday song to the birthday child. J actually had to take BooBoo to play games while this happened. Then the idiot mouse had to walk through the restaurant and come up behind BooBoo to say hi to her. Big Mistake. She freaked out for a good 20 minutes. Now she wants to have her party there but only if Chuck E. is not there. Somebody help me. Lol.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween was quite a treat this year. For BooBoo it was the first year that she really understood trick-or-treating and for Bug it was her 1st Halloween!

We decided to go to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium for Boo at the Zoo. BooBoo loves to go look at all of the animals and she loves playing dress up so this was like killing two birds with one stone. In order to get BooBoo a costume she really loved wee hit all major retailers and a few Halloween stores. However, none of these places had what we or BooBoo were looking for. Finally we decided to look at Once Upon a Child b/c we often stop there and get the girls cute, gently used outfits for cheap. After looking through their costumes for almost 45 minutes we hit the jackpot. BooBoo found a sparkly, pink-and-purple princess dress! The little sweetheart could not wait to get home and try her new dress on. And she wore it for almost a week straight! Here are a couple of pictures of her dress and her in it:

Bug was a little harder to find a costume for. Every time we found a costume we thought she would look adorable in, it did not come in her size. Even the bunting costumes would be sold out o her size. Eventually we decided on a glow-in-the-dark skeleton onesie. We paired that with little white pants and socks. Unfortunately she slept the entire time in her sling so this is the only picture we have of her:

I am so looking forward to next Halloween and what costumes we can come up with for the girls. BooBoo will most likely pick her own costume again, but Bug 's costume J and I will have to deicde on ourselves. But that is a battle better saved for later.