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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snow Angels

The girls and I stayed down at my grandmother's for two weeks right after New Year's. The first week we were there it snowed like crazy. I believe we received 4-5 inches in one day. Which I know for some of my mommy blogger friends out west this is basically a dusting but I consider quite a bit of snow. Since we had so much free time I decided to take BooBoo outside to make snow angels for the first time. Now, she has played in the snow many times but she had not managed to figure out the snow angel. BooBoo was so excited to go out in the snow that she basically threw herself at the ground. She played outside for almost an hour and I practically had to drag her inside.! Unfortunately I did not snap a picture of her rosy cheeks but here are a few outside shots.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I love my Fluffy Mail fitted!

So back in October I won a custom fitted from Oh Baby O and Fluffy Mail. (Which was my first giveaway win by the way)! I worked with Amy at Fluffy Mail to pick the perfect fitted for Bug. For Bug's fitted I chose a Little Caboose which is a front snapping diaper. I also chose an envelope style which is a nice pocket with a stuffable insert. For the outside I chose a pretty flower and butterfly knit print. I chose microfleece for the inside lining. I also got to choose what serging thread and snaps I wanted. I could not wait to receive Bug's diaper in the mail and when it arrived I was not disappointed! The print was even cuter in person and the microfleece inside was so buttery soft. I could not believe how soft it was that I forced J to feel it right away. Even he was impressed by it. So how well does this fitted work you ask? I think that it works pretty darn well, especially when paired with Bug's fleece pants. I have tried this diaper for naps, regular daytime activity and overnight. It held up through everything! I definitely plan to buy a few more Fluffy Mail diapers in the future, if not for Bug than for future babies.

I'm Baaaack!!!!

*So I've pretty much slacked off the past 2 1/2 months on my blog. But one of my resolutions this year is to move ahead full force with my blog. I mean, this is how I keep everyone up to date on my girls and myself. So the next ten or so blog posts (Snow Angels) will be from Halloween until the first week of January. Everything after that will be current and up to date. So without further ado, I present the 2010 edition of Life with BooBoo and Bug.