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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I really need to expand my diaper stash

I have decided that it is time to expand the fluff. Bug is currently being outfitted with a dozen infant prefolds, two Thirsties Duo Wraps, one Thirsties v2.0 diaper cover, and a Bumgenius 3.0 with fleece. Oh, and a Wiggle Worm Bottoms Miami Dolphins cover. Now, while this works well at the moment, I really want to try out some new fluff.

I am always reading the reviews of other moms and this just fuels my need to try what else is out there. Kissaluvs, Fuzzi Bunz, Rumparooz, Goodmamas, Softbums, Smartipants, Bummis, Happy Heinys, more Thirsties products, more Bumgenius products, and even more. The fun colors and prints just seem to call my name. I want to try them all at least once but my budget does not feel the same way. So it is on to giveaways but sadly, I have not won anything yet :( Fingers crossed that I'll win something soon. But if the giveaways do not go in my favor I can wait until Christmas. The in-laws have started a "fluff fund" for Bug because they all love the fact that we are doing something that not only saves money in the long run but also is healthier.

I plan to try as many different cloth diapers on Bug as I can. I want to be able to give my opinion to other moms when they ask me what diapers I like best or how I feel about a certain diaper. While I feel that I will never fully quench my cloth diaper thirst, I hope that my cloth diaper journey will at least expand my knowledge and stash.


Anonymous said...

I feel you on the never quenching your cloth diaper thirst! oooooh man! I get so excited we try something new. Never gets old!

Sami said...

I feel you on this. I love to try new diapers all the time! I have found that I WAHM diapers are my personal favorites. They seem to have WAY more print options, color options and they tend to work with you more. I Love some of the "name brand" diapers as well like Fuzzi Bunz and Thirsties too but when it comes to quenching my thirst I am so up for the WAHM seen. I recently started my own online store as well as I do diaper parties to "feed my hunger" and to spread the word about cloth diapers... www.healthybabyclothdiapers.com!

I think it is awesome that your family started a "fluff fund" I wish my family would do the same... I have cloth diapered since my son was born (1st baby) and when I was pregnant our whole family thought we were nutz for buying cloth and not disposables. They are cool with the idea now though but I still don't think they believe that it is healthier, sometimes it is hard for people to believe what they see... Sorry for the rambling! Good Luck with the give aways.. By the way I am also doing a giveaway... follow me on Twitter and on Facebook for a chance to win a years worth of deo disks once I get to 100 followers on each (they are the same contest but I am going to do two drawing-one for FB one for Twitter) Twitter is HealthyBabyCD and Facebook is Healthy Baby Cloth Diapers!! GL

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2) said...

I currently have a great giveaway for 25 gc for diapers