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Monday, August 16, 2010

Roseola? Oh No!

My beautiful little Bug has Roseola.

*For those who do not know what Roseola is, it's a virus whose characteristics are a super high fever for 3-5 days and then after the fever breaks, a rash that starts on the trunk then spreads.

Bug woke up Wednesday very cranky and feverish. I figured she had finally caught the cold that was going around. Since we had managed to purchase our first woven wrap recently (a Neobulle Noah 3.6), I wrapped Bug up nice and snug to me. She fell asleep within minutes and slept most of the day. Thursday and Friday were more of the same. Babywearing really came to the rescue during those few days. By Saturday, Bug's fever had broken and her irritablilty had become even worse (just in time for our friend's wedding). She only had one screeching fit before the ceremony and slept through the entire ceremony. By the time we made it home Saturday night Bug had developed a rash on her back and chest. I thought it was heat rash from being in the wrap for so long but it was even worse Sunday. Bug has a rash on her back, chest, neck and face. Her face is actually the worst. I was very worried so after a trip to the ER, we found out it was Roseola.

The rash is the end of the virus and can last a few days to a few months! I am hoping Bug's is only for a few days. We were told to keep an eye on her and to let our friends with small children know only if Bug had been in contact with them. Roseola is contagious from a few days before the fever starts until a couple days after the fever breaks. The good news they told is that Roseola is similar to Chickenpox. Once you've had it once, you are likely to be immune to it for the rest of your life.


Kel said...

I hope she is feeling better. My youngest actually had it twice and it wasn't pretty. Hope it clears soon!

Anonymous said...

Poor thing! Hope she feels better soon!