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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bug's First Concert

J and I are band geeks, that is all there is to it I have played the flute for 13 years and J has played trumpet for 15. We both love music, even marching band music which is how we met. We met my freshman year of college during band camp because we were both members of the marching band. And yes, we receive a lot of "one time at band camp" jokes. I actually marched while pregnant with BooBoo. Now that we are alumni of our university we like to return for their Christmas and spring concerts. BooBoo has been to many concerts on campus and we were excited to take Bug to her first Christmas concert. It was a great concert with many small groups and the university concert band and choir. The concert band performed a piece that my husband arranged himself. Bug actually seemed to enjoy the music, it was the sitting in the theater seats that she hated. Which is why she and I enjoyed the concert from the back, standing up. The next big concert is not until April so maybe Bug will enjoy that one more, guess we will see.

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