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Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas at the Zoo

Every year the Columbus Zoo hosts a Wildlights at the Zoo event. It involves hundreds of Christmas lights, Santa, and tons of people, namely out of control children. Why did I think that it was a good idea to take both girls in the cold, in the middle of December to the Zoo? Oh, because I thought that it would be nice for our family to spend some time together. Don't get me wrong it was fun but there were so many people and I really cannot handle crowds. Now, about the wonderful lights,

Because of our family membership to the zoo, we were able to get in for free to the Wildlights event. When we finally got into the park I immediately put Bug into her pouch sling so that she would be warm and comfy while we walked around. BooBoo was so excited about all of the lights that it was kind of hard to keep her wrangled. She is very good about staying by our side in public places and this trip was no different after one warning.The lights were so cute, there were lights that looked like fish, frogs, even flamingos! BooBoo liked the penguin lights the best. Bug loved looking at the lights as well, but I think that is because she likes looking at lights in general right now.

We decided that we were only going to stay about an hour because we did not want the girls to get too cold. BooBoo was a little upset when we decided to leave but we stopped to eat after we left so she perked up at being able to have ice cream. J and I want to take the girls again next year but we decided that it will be at the end of November and we will bring some extra warm clothes.

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