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Friday, March 12, 2010

My babies just keep growing

BooBoo turned 4 on March 6th and while I knew it was coming, I was still not prepared. She is after all my first baby and sadly, she is constantly reminding me that she is now *sigh* a "big girl". Now, while her 4-year checkup at the pediatrician is not until the very end of March I thought I would give you a little rundown of what BooBoo can do. =)

-BooBoo has not started reading yet, but we are working on it and she can recite/remember many of the books we read together
-She can count to 30 on her own
-She can count to down from 5 to 1
-She can count to 5 in Spanish
-She is learning basic subtraction
-She can write her cousin's name which is only two letters away from her own
-She can stand on one foot and bounce from one to the other
BooBoo does so much that I honestly cannot recall everything she can do. I just know that she is a bright little girl and she teaches me something new everyday.
Bug is now 7 months old and growing so fast! We are still nursing but we have also begun adding in solids. She loves avocado! She still definitely prefers mommy over solids and I have no problem with that. I am slightly thankful that she still does not have any teeth because she has learned to bite down when she is nursing. Ouch! BooBoo had two teeth when she turned four months so this is a new experience. Bug is almost mobile now! She can push herself up on all fours and push herself backwards so I know that it is just a short matter of time before she is going forward full speed. Lastly on the Bug updates is that she is now babbling "dada". The crazy thing is that she almost never says it unless J is home. She loves daddy and now he knows it. =)

*Stay tuned for my post on BooBoo's growth and doctor's appointment at the end of the month!

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Kel said...

Just stopping in to say hey and wish you a happy weekend! Love the blog!