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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rockin' Green Hard Rock Review

I've been having stink issues with Bug's diapers in recent weeks. It has been so bad that I have had to wash diapers EVERY day! I began to wonder what was stinking up my sweet baby's diapers, so I went to the one place I knew could help: the Twitter cloth diapers chat on Mondays. After some discussion I came to a few conclusions. A. I have hard water, B. Bug's diapers most likely have urine buildup (ahh, that would be the perm solution stench I keep smelling) and C. I also might have a detergent buildup problem. So, I stripped Bug's diapers and gave them a good, long soak in the sun. This worked for about two weeks before the stink began to rear it's ugly head again. It was back to stripping, wearing, washing, stripping, wearing, washing, stripping...well, you get the idea. A few cloth diaper mamas suggested giving Rockin' Green detergent a try because they had great success with the soap. As luck would have it Kim, the wonderful mama behind Rockin' Green, was looking for mom bloggers with hard water to review the new Hard Rock formula. I sent Kim my information and she sent along a sample of Hard Rock.

The Review:

I immediately put Hard Rock the test with a mini-soak of Bug's diapers. They came out of the dryer smelling cleaner than I thought possible. And, at the end of the day.....still no stink! Score one for Rockin' Green. I waited the normal two days before washing the diapers and prepared myself for them to stink after they were removed from the dryer. There was still no ammonia stench! Score two for Rockin' Green. I even experimented and split Bug's diapers into two loads. I washed one with Rockin' Green and one with our current cloth diaper detergent. Our current detergent did not even come close to the cleaning power of Rockin' Green.
My favorite thing about Rockin' Green's Hard Rock version is that Bug's cute, little bottom did not break out in a rash like it has with the other detergents we have used. So if you are looking for a cloth diaper detergent and you have hard water problems, let me recommend Rockin' Green Hard Rock. Your diapers will thank you, trust me!

This review is 100% my own opinion. I did receive a free sample of Rockin' Green Hard Rock detergent but that in no way affected my review.

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