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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bug's 9 Month Checkup

Yesterday was Bug's 9 month checkup and it went a lot better than I thought it would. Other than the fact that the peditrician and his staff are slower than molasses. It should not take two hours at the pediatrician's when you are the only patient. But anyways, back to the appointment.

Bug is doing well developmentally but the doctor is concerned that she is not crawling yet so he told me to give her extra tummy time. Her weight also dropped from the 10th percentile down to the 5th but again he is not too concerned considering BooBoo is tiny for her age and J and I were both very small and skinny when we were little. I mean Bug eats like it's going out of style so I just have her chalked up to a high metabolism like my brother and sister (they are both a good 30 pounds lighter than me). I felt better that he had taken mine and J's growth into account instead of lecturing me on my diet and how much milk I am producing. The best part of the visit was that Bug did not need any shots! But she does have to have routine 9 month lab work done so that is what we will be doing later today. Now for the month you have all been waiting for....*drumroll*....BUG'S STATS!

Height - 26 1/2 in (1 inch increase)
Weight - 15lbs 14oz (2 pound increase)

I think that Bug is growing just fine and since every baby grows at different rates, she may be back up in the higher percentiles at 1 year. We'll see...

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