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Saturday, May 15, 2010

J had to quit his job and I am furious

J was asked to resign from his job on Tuesday. He has been the assistant manager for over two years and bounced through 4 different stores. He has run two of those stores without a store manager. And they ask him to either resign and leave on good terms or go on unpaid leave and wait to meet with his regional manager. Awesome, because we don't have two little ones at home and because I'm currently not working. He was asked to resign because he picked up a part-time job. He had a second job last summer so that we could save some money because I was getting ready to go on maternity leave. Well, that didn't fly with the district/regional managers because apparently as an assistant manager J could not have a second job. It would interfere with his current work schedule and he might slack on his current duties (BS if you ask me). So they gave him a raise if he would quit the second job. Not a problem because my maternity leave was over and I was heading back to work. In January we decided that it would be best for us financially if I quit my job and stayed home with the girls. We were spending too much on daycare and often had to rely on family members (who bailed quite often forcing me to call off anyways). So things have been going fine, bills are getting paid, we have food on the table but we are still scraping by. So again J picked up a second job that would work with his current schedule (again, we cannot afford daycare). He worked the second job on his two days off and then 3 mornings when he would be working nights at the other job. He had a sit down discussion with his district manager about the whole situation. She told him that if he planned to keep his second job then he could be removed as the full-time assistant manager and made a part-time employee again. They've been telling J for over a year that in order to be a store manager he basically needs to 180* his personality. He needs to make sure all of his employees like him and not worry so much about making money for the company. I'm sorry but I worked in retail and we were told that we needed to focus on customer service and sales and worry less about whether we were all BFFs. Now, I know it makes the workplace more enjoyable but it also makes people think that they can suck it up at their job and not have any repercussions. And J has been doing all of the store manager duties (since that store currently does not have one) with less hours. Store managers are required to work 44-55 hours a week to guarantee they get everything done (because they're salaried) and J has to do that much work in 38-40 hours (because he's not salaried).(Sorry, tangent). So, J told his DM that he was not quitting the second job, that it would in no way affect his work performance, and that if they wanted him to quit then make him a store manager since he's already doing the work of one. Obviously that meeting did not go over well and J was told that his duties and sales better not slip. ***Enter the stupid, angry customers who have late fees*** Tuesday J's DM comes in while he is getting the store ready to open. Talks to him and informs him that he had a customer complain about the way he handled his late fee. The DM let him know that things were not going to work out and he could either resign immediately and leave on good terms or go on unpaid leave and see how things go with the regional manager. So here we are. J is still working the part-time job and looking for a better paying position. The thing that irritates me most about this whole thing is that there is one woman who works at that same store who has been rude with me, rude to other customers and had several complaints against her but she gets a slap on the wrist each time and told to work on her customer service skills???????????? Unbelievable.


Alicia said...

I am so sorry to hear that :( We've been in the same situation before (me not working, him getting second job, him losing first job because he had a second job) and it stinks... just a couple ideas (which you've probably thought about but I'll say just in case you haven't)... I returned to work and there is no way we would have been able to afford childcare so I asked one of my friends to watch my boys in my home. She had a child and needed money but not many jobs let you bring your child and I needed a sitter and her child was a great playmate for my son. I also only used her on days/hours I needed her so when the boys' dad was off during the week she didn't come. Some weeks I worked and after childcare just took home $100 and sometimes after paying her took home $300 but every bit helped. Also, you could always try to find a sitting job that would let you bring your child... Just some ideas. This is my first time reading your blog so I don't know your situation but thought I'd offer my ideas. Hope he finds a great full-time job. You never know, maybe he will find such a great full-time job that he won't need to work part-time which would be a blessing for your family :) good luck!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hope he finds something new soon. It doesn't sound like the second job was hurting the first.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing worse than when your guy is in job turmoil - regardless of the situation. There are days this year, when all I can do is just stand on faith. No words. No thoughts. Just standing. I hope things right themselves quickly:)