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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bug's 6 Month Check-up

Bug turned 6 months on February 5 but her doctor's appointment was not until February 12th. I was very excited to see how much she has grown since her last appointment on December 24th. Here are Bug's stats as of 2/12:

Height: 25 1/2 in (increase of 1 1/2 in from 12/24)

Weight: 13 lbs 15 oz. (decrease of an ounce since 12/24 but I'll explain below)

Bug's weight...*sigh*... where do I begin? Apparently at Bug's last appointment the nurse weigh her in kilograms and was not smart enough at converting the result into pounds and ounces. The result was Bug's weight being 1 1/2 to 2 lbs heavier than she actually was. Needless to say the pediatrician tried to make it MY FAULT!!! He said that maybe I'm just not producing enough milk for Bug and that if I need to I can supplement with formula (ummm, no). Then he said that maybe it was because the nurse weighed her last time with her cloth diaper on (again, not the problem). J and I both remember perfectly the nurse telling us 3 different times at Bug's last appointment that she was having trouble calculating Bug's weight and that it was between 12 1/2 lbs and 14 lbs but that she was going to go with 14lbs. Thanks a lot for that one.

Just to be on the safe side with my milk supply and Bug's growth, I will be purchasing milk supply stimulating tea and making sure that I am eating enough meals throughout the day. J and I are also going to be looking for a new pediatrician because this is not the first time that we have had problems. BooBoo had to have x-rays done to test her bone age back in September and we still have not gotten the results from them even though we have asked repeatedly. Fingers crossed that we find a better pediatrician and that Bug gains a little more.

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