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Friday, June 11, 2010

J Found a New Job

As I mentioned in my last post, J has found a new job! He was only out of work for two weeks. I am not counting the part-time job that was the reason for conflict with his previous company because he quit there when he started the current job. He is now a full-time Manager-in-Training for Enterprise rent-a-car. He really likes his job because it's sales and my husband is a natural salesman. The only downside to this new job is that it is an hour and a half away from where we live so we have been apartment hunting. We want to be moved out of our current place and into something closer by the end of June. It sucks having our lives pretty much on hold for right now. We wanted to put BooBoo in soccer about two months ago but since everything has been crazy she had to miss out =( We want her in preschool next year to make friends and meet children in the area before we decide our homeschooling route. But we cannot enroll her since we are moving. I have my fingers crossed that everything works out and we have some sort of direction next month. Until then I am just going to pack and enjoy everything =)

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