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Friday, June 18, 2010

Nothing to Worry About

A couple of months ago I wrote about BooBoo's size being a concern for her pediatrician and on a smaller scale, me. She was a 9lb 4oz, 20 3/4in newborn who gradually became more petite finally settling into her current size of a 32lb, 37 1/4in 4 year old. She has been around the 5th-10th percentile for the past two years and the only reason the pediatrician was concerned was because BooBoo leveled off at age 2. So, we were scheduled an appointment with an Endocrinologist to evaluate BooBoo and see if there really was any room for concern.

Monday was our appointment and it went way better than I had imagined. We went over the general family medical history with the nurse and then met with the doctor. He asked me if I know the reason we were meeting and I said yes. Then he asked if I was worried about BooBoo's size. I told him that I was not too concerned because my family is on the shorter side and my brother is two years behind in his growth but that the pediatrician made it seem a lot worse. He gave Booboo the once over and then let me know where he stood on the debate about her size. He said he is not concerned about her size because even though she is at the bottom of the percentile, she is growing consistently. He said he would be more concerned if she had been at the 95th percentile and dropped to the 50th within the last year. He scheduled a follow-up for 6 months from now just to make sure she's still growing well. She is just going to be a late bloomer =)

1 comment:

Sarah Halstead said...

Glad everything is ok. She is a cutie! Love her Mommy Necklace btw.