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Saturday, June 12, 2010

What a week it's been for Bug!

Bug is finally crawling!!!! She officially started on Wednesday at 10 months and 4 days old. BooBoo and I were both in shock when we first saw her do it. It was one of those "Did she really just do that?" moments. Three days later she is an old pro at the whole thing. I swear it's like she's been crawling for months. I've had to go babygate crazy in the apartment because she just moves so fast! She's also decided that since she can crawl, why not start to pull up and stand as well? She can only make it up on her knees and sometimes a little farther but she has not stood up yet. She is getting better at standing on her own when we hold her. She can stand for a few seconds by herself when we let go. Could she be walking before she turns 1 in August? Only time will tell but you can bet that I'll be posting her crawling pictures soon!!

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