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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cloth in Hospitals Earth Day Telephone Game Giveaway

I learned about cloth diapers when I was 8 months pregnant with Bug. I wanted to cover her baby booty in cloth right from the get-go but was not able to start until she was two weeks old. Our hospital, while very breastfeeding friendly, does not use cloth diapers =( I know that many other hospitals do not use cloth either, so why not try to change that?

Head over to the We want to see cloth diapers in hospitals Facebook page to join the cause. Or if you want to win some free fluff (and who doesn't) head over to the Cloth Diapers in Hospitals blog to join the telephone game. There are numerous chances to enter and all you have to do is spread the word about getting cloth into hospitals. How much easier could it be???

I know that I will be contacting my local hospital to see about getting them to use cloth, or pass out cloth information. Why not join me and other cloth diapering mamas to make a difference this Earth Day?

1 comment:

misseshoneysett said...

wow, i'd never even thought about this. i think it should at least be available at every hospital! geesh.