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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Juicy Baby Designs Review

"Juicy Baby Designs specializes in Nursing covers, Nursing pads, and Burp cloths & Bibs for your "juicy" baby." They also carry Bumgenius brand cloth diapers and Crunchy Clean detergent.

Ruthann, creator of Juicy Baby Designs, contacted me about doing a review of her burp cloths or "juice catchers". I let her know that I would be happy to review and we worked out the details. Ruthann sent me not one, but two of her burp cloths. These could not have come at a more perfect time. Bug is currently teething and since she chews on everything, there are pools of drool throughout our house. Not to mention my shirt sleeves often look like I sweat all the time.
About the Designer (taken from website):
"I am the proud mama of a sweet baby boy, and the story of Juicy Baby Designs starts about 3am one bleary-eyed morning...after what seemed like the hundredth burp cloth and bib I had used to clean up my baby boy's spit-up, I sat wondering if there might be a better solution to my messy plight! In the three short months since my son was born, my husband and I had often found ourselves covered in spit-up, having to change outfits (both ours and baby's) only after the burp cloth and/or bib had failed to collect all the milky spit and drool! I called my son my "juicy boy", because he spit up just about every time he nursed and often between feedings, too! The more I thought about it, the more I was inspired by the idea of super quick absorbent burp cloths and bibs! My son's nickname "juicy boy" was the perfect inspiration for my line of burp cloths and bibs and "Juicy Baby Designs" was born.

About the Product:
These burp cloths are contoured to fit against the neck so that they stay in place. They are made of flannel, ProCool wicking jersey, and zorb. This combination makes these burp cloths super absorbent. I was sent a "Lil Juicer" for regular messes in Pink Giraffe print and a "Juice Catcher" for really "juicy" babies in Pink & Flowers print. At Juicy Baby Designs, you get to choose the flannel print that you would like for your burp cloths.

The Review:
We put these burp cloths through many tests and washes. Bug chews on them, throws them around and even sleeps with the "Lil Juicer"! These burp cloths show no signs of wear or tear which really impressed me. The contoured shape fit both my shoulder and J's and did help the cloth stay in place. One bonus of the contoured shape is that it makes the burp cloth into a handy changing pad for emergencies. The absorbency of the "Lil Juicer" worked well for nursing sessions. Bug often falls asleep nursing and the lighter burp cloth kept drool from soaking my shirt as I transitioned her to my shoulder. The heavy-duty "Juice Catcher" really holds a lot of liquid! We had one particularly drool covered day and this little bad boy really came through! I rigged the burp cloth into a make shift bib and after 30 minutes of hardcore drooling Bug's shirt was bone dry. That made for one happy mommy and baby :) If you are looking for a strong, absorbent burp cloth then head on over to http://www.juicybabydesigns.com/.
I received two Juicy Baby Designs burp cloths free of charge in exchange for my review. This, however, in no way affected the review. Everything is 100% my own opinion.

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