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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and My Birthday

Yesterday was Easter and I was very excited about because it was Bug's first Easter! It was also my 24th birthday! Not as significant to some but for me it means that I managed to stay alive one more year. :)

J, Bug and I headed over to J's aunt and uncle's house to have Easter lunch/dinner with all of his family. BooBoo had stayed the night with J's mom so she came with her. For the most part the visit went well, although I did have to excuse myself once or twice to keep from telling a couple of J's relatives exactly what I thought of them (whoops!). I'm sorry but if I tell you that Bug is cranky and does not want to be held by anyone, I mean it. How hard is that to understand?!?! But noooooo, these unnamed relatives feel it is necessary to slowly rip Bug from my arms. Then they wonder why she is crying or say it is because "she only wants her mommy because she is still on mommy's boob." Sometimes I just want to punch them in the face.

*Sorry to vent, I'll take a moment to get a few deep breaths*

Ahhh, that's better. As I was saying the visit went well minus the baby issues. BooBoo played with her cousin the whole time and Bug noshed on turkey and noodles. After most of the family had left, my brother-in-law brought out B's (J's sister and brother-in-law's son) mini quad. BooBoo was so excited she ran over and climbed up on it before they even started it! She managed to step away long enough to put on a helmet and let them start the quad. She looked so dainty in her dress and sparkly shoes riding the quad. Everything was AWESOME, she was having fun because the boys were helping lead her around the backyard. Then, BooBoo decided that she wanted to try to ride by herself, ok, so my BIL showed her how to make it go and how to stop. It took her a couple of tries to get going but she finally figured it out and TOOK OFF FAST!!!!!!! She headed straight for the shed, swerved at the last second and in the middle of the sharp turn...CRASH! She fell off and pulled the quad over with her. That was the scariest few seconds ever. All you saw were people running towards her and her crying. Thankfully she only bruised her elbow and got some grass stains on her knee. She cried for a little while and then she was ready to give the quad another go (as long as it was not started). This Easter was definitely full of excitement and memories. Here are a some photos of the day (*note, the photos of the babies on the quad and the ones of BooBoo and B were taken with the quad turned off.)

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