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Friday, April 23, 2010

While BooBoo's away, Bug will play.

I miss my BooBoo =( She is currently visiting my grandma who lives two hours away. We went down last weekend to visit and when J, Bug and I got ready to leave; BooBoo asked if she could stay. So, J and I told that she could stay since Bug and I would be coming back down on Sunday the 25th to visit for a whole week. I think that BooBoo has been enjoying being the "baby" at Mamaw's but I miss my big girl. The one positive this week has been that I have cleaned like a mad woman. I caught up on laundry and rearranged the girls room. Plus, I have been able to catch up on some of my favorite blogs.

Also, Bug has hit a few milestones in the past month or so. She loves to clap her hands when she is happy or listening to music. She even sounds like she is saying "clap" when she does it! She has also had her two bottom teeth come in! This has made breastfeeding interesting. She actually got made at bedtime one night and bit me so hard she drew blood! (Daddy put her to bed that night)! She has managed to learn the "Army crawl" to scoot around the living room. Her 9 month check-up is set for May 12th so I will post her new stats then.

I will be out of town April 25th -May 2nd (at least) but I will try to post a couple of times while I am away!

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