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Monday, April 26, 2010

What to do with my Swagbucks

How many of you use Swagbucks search engine? Ok, I see a few hands raised. For those of you going "What the heck are swagbucks?" let me give you the rundown.

Search & Win

Swagbucks are points that you earn just from searching for different websites. When you build up enough points you can trade them in for giftcards, video games and systems, dvds, electronics....well you get the idea. "Well, that sounds easy, how do I get started?" All you have to is head over to Swagbucks and sign up. Then you download their toolbar, make sure you use it for all your searches and start earning major points! The best part? It's completely free!!

Ready to get started or want to learn more about Swagbucks? Just click the icon right here in this post to get started! Easy Peasy!

Now, I have some swagbucks saved up, not a lot but enough for a few $5 Amazon giftcards. So I am debating if I should go ahead and trade them in now for the giftcards or wait until I have more. Hmmm....I think I'll cash them in.

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